Former Approach Garage to be Wine Store and Drive Thru

Andover Town has seen proposals that the former Approach BP Filling Station on Newbury Road is to become a Majestic Wine store and MacDonald's Drive-Thru. [Read more...]

Andover Town has seen proposals that the former Approach BP Filling Station on Newbury Road is to become a Majestic Wine store and MacDonald’s Drive-Thru.

The site has been under much speculation since it closed in August 2012 when it was a Vauxhall Dealership under Approach UK with rumours of either Asda or Sainsbury taking the site over.

We will have more news as soon as we can.

Former Approach Andover Garage
Former Approach Andover Garage – image courtesy of Google+


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  • A supermarket petrol station would be a good idea to give Tesco some competition. We have enough places already selling wine and correct me if i’m wrong but i’m sure we already have a mcDonalds drive through!!

    • Completely agree certainly nor anither drive through mcdonalds but a sainsburys garage would be good,as they keep putting up signs 10p off a litre of fuel,which is funny when dont have one,and its across the road, ideal I would have thought

      • I thought that Sainsbury’s would have taken over the garage when it closed. You used to get Nectar points there, so there was some sort of deal between Munro’s and Sainsbury’s.

  • Well it will do lots of buisness as the mcdonalds where it is now is too far away from this side of town. Great idea

  • Just what we need another Drive-thru and a Majestic Wine Store into the bargain.
    Drink and Drive !!! – I thought we were trying to stamp that out in this country.

    It would make sense to keep it as a Petrol Station – we don’t have too many in Andover.

  • Well that is a real let down after all this time, a booze shop and drive thru Mcdonalds, would have like a steak house or a soft furnishings store like Dunelm Mills.. so many places that sell booze so many take aways. I did read somewhere that Mcdonalds miss the trade from the college. Well neither will get my money.

  • Like Andover needs another junk food drive thru and somewhere else that sells alcohol. Why don’t you just build more flats and be done with it. The majestic wine store will most certainly put the small wine store up Weyhill road out of business in time.

  • We are in desperate need of a 2nd Supermarket fuel station to introduce competition against Tescos who have been over charging the people of Andover for their fuel for years!! We don’t need another drive through to help fuel the obesity crisis that the country is facing! I blame the lack of foresight in our local council. That’s why 1000’s of us choose to shop outside Andover and while were at it we opurchase cheaper fuel like the majority of the UK population can!

  • Why not Argos driving thou cos Argos is not allowed pick up by back of building in town it easier pick up in car 🙂

  • There’s not enough fatties in Andover so I’m sure another food outlet is just what we need, and its so hard to find a shop to buy booze

  • Alcohol and fast food !!! Just what we don’t need !!!! Hey why not sell fags at a discounted price too !!!

  • Disappointed. Who is responsible for making these decisions?! Definitely agree that another fuel outlet would be a better choice and/or clothing store. Andover is full to bursting with takeaway places and with booze being more affordable in supermarkets why would anyone think Majestic would prosper there?

  • Don’t need another fuel station supermarket or wine shop let’s turn it back into a main dealer garage again towns only got one now

  • Just what Andover needs another fast food outlet and a shop that sells alcohol that will bring it in line with the amount of coffee shops,betting shops, charity shops and tesco’s that we already have. i am trying to remember why i go shopping in Andover. oh yeah i remember now i spend lots of money getting pissed then i go and bet some more money because i don’t now what i am doing, i then purchase a very healthy supper and in then morning after i go for a coffee to help with my hangover, then i check now much money i spent i can only then afford to go to the charity shop for my clothes. Andover is a complete s**t hole when it comes to shopping foe anything worth while.

  • A furniture/soft furnishings/petrol station/vauxhall sales……. Anyone else want to suggest something that has already failed in Andover? We already lost the Shell and BP garages (possibly others?) because they weren’t making enough money, why would another one do any better? Soft furnishings? Anyone remember Rosebys in town? Out ofbusiness. Furniture? Habels? Get the idea? If something has already failed, why would another company try their luck? Until stories start getting out about people in Andover spending their hard earned cash IN Andover, no other stores will arrive!

    • With all the new houses that are being built down Smannell Road and Picket Twenty I would say that those sort of shops that you mentioned would be the ideal choice. Also another Petrol station as we only have 4 in Andover – not nearly enough for the ever growing Andover.

  • About time we got a council in that actually listens to people of Andover that take note of what we want instead of those idiots we have at the moment who just seem to sit there and watch Andover fall further and further behind the surrounding towns!! Andover actually put in for a decent shopping like Festival place along time before Basingstoke and those people who sit in Beech Hurst all day doing bugger all turned it down and gave us the Chantry Centre………………..Need I say more!!!!

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