Former Approach Garage to Create Up To 90 Jobs

The owners of the former Approach garage in Newbury Road have issued a statement about their plans for the property. [Read more...]

The owners of the former Approach garage in Newbury Road have issued a statement about their plans for the property.

In it they explain that the proposal has been drawn up in response to demand from retailers, a good sign that businesses are looking to move into the town.

It will also give Andover a further filling station and should create between 80 and 90 new jobs.

BP Approach Garage Plan

Statement from Acrefield Land

“Acrefield Land acquired the former Approach Vauxhall dealership from the Administrators with the aim of developing a mixed use scheme for long-term viable businesses.

Extensive marketing was carried out across many retail use types and this established that there was no demand from the car dealership sector.  Instead, strong interest from a number of national retailers confirmed sustainable demand for their uses in this location in Andover.

The proposed scheme has been drawn up in response to actual demand from tenants i.e. this is not a speculative development and will generate immediate local employment.  The scheme seeks to accommodate the various occupiers within the existing structures on site where possible, addressing issues of sustainability in development.

The scheme re-establishes the petrol filling station use, but this time with an enlarged convenience store, with three retail units and a drive-thru restaurant.  The brochure, which has been delivered to 251 addresses in the locality, provides further information on the tenant mix and the site layout.

It is envisaged that the scheme will create between 80 and 90 jobs.

Acrefield Land looks forward to developing a scheme which provides a long-term viable service for the local community.”

BP Approach Garage Plan BP Garage Plan - View 2 BP Garage Plan - View 3

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  • Absolutely ridiculous!. Why on earth do we need another McDonald’s, petrol station and a wine merchant? I appreciate it will create more jobs but at least bring something new to Andover. How about a matalan or H & M or even a music store or a decent toy shop.!!

  • An extension to the out of town shopping area. The scheme will be very busy, but will certainly add more retail choice, ease congestion at the existing McDonalds, and will offer a much needed fourth filling station in the town. I would like to see some provision in the section 106 agreement for highway works to support the additional vehicle usage in this area. I am quite excited about Unit 4 and what that might become. Overall, if the developers / local authority / HCC can get the supporting road infrastructure right, I think this will be a good scheme.

  • Another McDonalds. We are looking at an epidemic of obesity in this country and still we open more Fast Food Restaurants. We also have a town centre crying out for more variety of retail outlets. Will we have to drive around even more to fulfil all our needs? Wasting more petrol and adding to the warming of our planet. This retail park is sited next to what is probably the busiest junction in Andover and will add to the traffic on the roundabout.

  • WE do need another filling station. But why do we need new retail outlets when we have so many empty, unused ones. Another McDonalds! Ridiculous and a waste of space. Andover needs some proper shopping outlets like Matalan, Primark, Ikea etc, to bring people here, instead of forcing us to shop miles away.

  • Please not another McD’s! Also people should use the independent wine shop on Weyhill Road and support the town, he stocks great wine.

  • I have many lady friends who frequent my apartment, ding dong!! I think a pharmacist would be useful to have on the site, I could get my rubbers and cream without driving. . In my opinion mcd`s would ruin the site. A Costco would be great after a night on (Topps) tiles. I am a little concerned about the back entrance, but that’s another story. 🙂

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