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Government launches local Youth Services review

The government are calling on all those involved with local youth services to respond to a review they are currently holding on the statutory guidance they offer,

They have issued a guidance review (available online) and are asking anyone who is involved with youth, organisations, clubs, youth centres, young people leader and volunteers, to complete the form and send it back to them via email.

This is a chance to express your opinions in if the current guidance are clear and effective, put forward proposals for changes, express what works well and what does not. Times have changed and the guidance review aims to update the document to keep up not only with the changing world, but also to acknowledge that youth services are a vital part of our community. The youth of today are the adults of tomorrow.

There are two documents offered

The first is the call for evidence

The second is the current statory guidance.

Your completed form should be emailed to

or alternatively you can go to the page on the Government website here

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