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It appears Test Valley Borough Council is listening to residents as after various polls and discussions on Facebook as they are set to undertake a review of Andover town centre’s street furniture. [Read more...]

It appears Test Valley Borough Council is listening to residents as after various polls and discussions on Facebook as they are set to undertake a review of Andover town centre’s street furniture.

This is to include signage and other items, to ensure the area is looking its best – and it is inviting local residents, retailers and visitors to take part.

The work forms part of the authority’s Andover Summit project which aims to increase the number of shoppers and visitors to the town.

The Summit’s Environmental Improvements Working Group will undertake two audits to look at the furniture and signage currently in place, its condition and whether it is of use.

The first will take place on Tuesday 2 July to assess the High Street and the second will be on Tuesday 9 July to review Bridge Street and London Street. The audits will take approximately one hour each to complete.

Anyone wishing to join in and provide feedback is asked to attend one of two meetings:

  • 9:00am on Tuesday 2nd July at the Guildhall
  • 9:00am on Tuesday 9th July at the Danebury Hotel

As well as writing to all retailers located on the targeted streets, the Council has invited Andover Disability Forum, Andover Visually Impaired, Andover C of E School and students from Andover College to take part in the review.

The results will form an action plan which will list the work required along with timescales, costs and feasibility.

Councillor Ian Carr, Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, said: “We are very keen for local shoppers, community groups and retailers to take part in the audits as they are best placed to say what works and what doesn’t on a practical and aesthetic level. From the beginning of the Andover Summit project, we committed to working with local people to help rejuvenate the area. We want to find out what can be done to improve the streets of Andover and ensure the town is attractive and convenient to browse.

Anyone wishing to take part in the audits is asked to contact Annie Tomlinson, Transport Planner at Test Valley Borough Council on 01264 368984 or email

The Environmental Improvements Working Group consists of local business leaders, councillors and council officers and was one of five groups formed earlier this year following the Andover Summit. The remit of the group is to investigate work to enhance the town centre environment including planting, street furniture and improvements to the High Street.

Andover Guildhall
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  • Shame we have had no information about the two candidates for the local election (Winton Ward) I have heard of one Chap was surprised about, I take it then you do not have to be of any political party then to stand for election and why are there no reps from the other three parties!!!

    • Think they are canvassing the Winton Ward however will try and get something on the site here.

      Regards the Conservatives and Lib Dems, my guess is they had said they didn’t want to have a vote and to co-opt someone so have deicided to stick with this and not put anyone forward.

  • I really hope they keep the famous balls. The High Street would not be the same without them. Also more furniture would be good we could do with a lot more poles. You can never have enough redundant poles in a High Street. And a big no to trees who on earth would want to see trees in a High Street no no no.

    • I hope the town doesn’t keep those balls as they are a hideous addition to the town. There are a gazillions different types of items which could have been more decorative and more indicative of our own country without those offerings from another country. Clearly some over zealous person spending money they didn’t earn and without asking what others would like to see. There is far too much concrete there for the center to appeal to people.

  • Yet another quote form Councillor Carr. Maybe in his next one he could tell us what the Andover Town Summit groups have actually achieved besides having meetings and talking. I mean physical achievements, something I can actually go and look at and appreciate as progress. I suspect that I’ll have a long wait before that happens.

  • Can anybody confirm where the balls came from and what material they are made from? I never understood what links giant balls to a market town in Hampshire. I get the Viking long boat!
    I think the powers to be need to decide on a identity! concrete balls, concrete, pavers and stainless steel benches just don’t fit the image you would expect to see in a market town.
    Sorry to say TVBC it looks bland, soul less and unfriendly. Send the balls back to China! plenty of room on them empty containers ships returning from dropping of there cheap imported goods, but please don’t landfill them.
    Heritage,sympathetic and in keeping with the local environment

  • I think Andover town center needs shoppers – not more furniture!! The Olympic Procession didnt even go though the town, to bring it alive… that could have be an opportunity to reinstate the town center! Personally, I think Andover is a pretty town… balls and all!! I love the poetry along the pedestrianised zones, the linked paths along the river and the historical visuals for the children in Andovers local history, ie Viking boats ect. .I also think the tree planners have done an amazing job with the trees.. beautiful in spring/autumn! Developing Idea’s on promoting footfall would be a better value for money or strategies in support of small business promotions within the community, for the community!

    • Jinja,
      I agree they need to get more people in the town, unfortunately we have to many out of town supermarkets which offer free parking and an easy pleasant shopping experience. We have even changed our road layout to accommodate and promote this easy shopping experience ( paid for by the developer). I don’t think poetry and a few pretty trees will make for a memorable shopping experience. Amazon . Ebay and others have also sank a few more nails in the coffin along with Internet banking. I don’t think Andover is unique with its problems , I think in France they recognised this 20 years ago and limited super markets.
      Therefore we need as many other reasons to go into town, I have always been surprised TVBC do not have an office in the town. What a shame we lost the Guildhall as place to meet and hold events, I wonder if that reduced footfall ????

  • Martin I obtained a copy of all out comes to date and passed them on to Andover Town. There was so little in it I don’t think it has yet been published. Perhaps it could be put up now?

  • Should of mentioned above I wil be first in the que on Tuesday. Will be there early I just don’t want to miss out on my chance to say what I think. After eight months of messing about this is where this great Town Summit has got to ? Time to re-arrange the deck chairs again. Now has anyone seen the Captain?

  • this town is clearly an epic fail for shoppers we don’t need to fill the space with over priced street furniture what we need is a reason to enter the town centre rather than fill the tills of stresscos maybe some sort of laser quest type of thing or along that line so that we get the ppl in for more than just buying coffee, which is all the town seems to offer

  • Upscale deli, i know we have a good selection in Tescos but take a look as those in Spain. Tapas bars, wine tastings in local wine shop, traveling museums, library second hand book sales, local features about the area but not done in the library…it’s too dreary in there. Good chocolate shop selling teas and coffees and good ice cream. Pet shop but not selling animals but pet goods. These types of shops need the main town area to draw people there. They need planters outside their shops. Putting these places inside the Chantry wouldn’t be a good thing. Bright colored awnings over some of the shops would give rain and sun protection as well as decorative effect and bring a period effect to the place. Take down all the stainless steel it is ugly. Put some bench seats along town hall. Iron and cemented in. Police adequately to stop vandalism too.

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