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Andover Lipreaders….worth more than just lipservice

Cllr Andersen opening the coffee & cake morning

Cllr Iris Andersen was in action over the weekend opening a coffee & cake morning on behalf of Andover Lipreaders on Saturday 21st September

The aim of the morning was to raise fund to be able to keep the service running.

Andover Lipreaders provide support, advice and training to those suffering hearing loss.

Barrie Wickens, Andover Lipreaders organiser said, ” Most of us associate hearing loss with old age, as it used to be a case of you started losing the ability around sixty. But with modern lifestyles and constant background noise, people are now starting to lose it as young as 40.”

“30% of what we understand in conversation is actually by lipreading anyway. 70% is auditory and we use the combination of the lip movements and hearing to make the conversation work and understand each other. The lipreading skill isn’t intended as a replacement for hearing aids but as a complimentary skill. Like any skill, it takes time to learn and master. As the saying goes, practice make perfect.”

Barrie runs 2 Classes over 30 weeks on a Thursday morning. They currently have 12 students but are always open for more people that want to learn and practice the skill. This can open the world of conversation back up to those suffering hearing loss. Classes are held free of charge.

Cllr Iris Andersen said, “It’s a great honour to be asked to open events like this. Organisations like Andover Lipreaders are here for our community. To help those who need it and they provide a fantastic service.”

Funding wise, running the service costs approx £4,200 a year. Andover Lipreaders will be once of the three good causes supported by Waitrose Community Matters Scheme at the Andover store in October.

Andover Lipreaders can be contacted by Facebook here, by email here or by texting 07984 721990

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