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Andover Town Council changes logo for full Coat of Arms

Andover Coat of Arms
Andover Coat of Arms

At the full meeting of Andover Town Council, it was unanimously voted in to adopt the full Coat of Arms (crest) as the new Town Council emblem.


The arms were officially granted on April 4, 1949.

The lion standing against an oak-tree is taken from the device on a former seal of the Borough dating from at latest 1648. This is supposed to have been adopted because there was a royal hunting-lodge, at the place now called Woodhouse.

The deer alludes to the forest and surrounding Andover, and the fleur-de-lis is for St Mary, the patron saint.

The red lion, besides being the national emblem, is from the heraldry of the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, who is also Viscount Andover. The eagle indicates that Andover has been an important centre for the Royal Air Force.

Motto: ‘CONSTANTIA BASIS VIRTUTUM’ – Steadfastness is the foundation of the virtues.

The motto is that of Robert, Earl of Essex, who as High Steward of the Borough secured for it the charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I.

The coat of arms originates from 1648 under the reign of King Charles I.

Until the council meeting of 16th August 2019 the emblem had only been the shield element of the crest.

There were also various reports heard of councillor activity, both at Town & Borough level.

Andover Town Council meetings are open for members of the public to attend, hear what is happening, and have a say. It’s residents’ chance to have some input on Andover.

The next full meeting is on 13th September 2019 in the Upper Guildhall at 7pm.

More information can be found here

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