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Are UFOs targeting Andover?

Andover UFO? March 20th 2018
Andover UFO? March 20th 2018

If you look skywards tonight, you might see more than just stars.

Increasing numbers of people in Andover are reporting seeing unusual shapes in our night skies.

Observers who have seen the odd aerial displays are divided in their opinion of what the occasionally colourful displays could be.

Some have even managed to capture images with their smartphone.

Andover UFO? 16th March 2018
Andover UFO? 16th March 2018

At a time when people are questioning the role and reason for nearby Porton Down, a government science facility with a secretive and grim history, interest has been sparked about whether Porton Down could be the UK’s Area 51.

Online conversation amongst Andoverians has been growing, as increasing numbers of people are sighting unusual happenings.

There appear to have been two sightings – March 16th and March 20th.  A post on Spotted in Andover reads:

“I was doing some Night Photography in Andover the other night and I came across this… Can anyone tell me what that random light is on the right hand side!? I thought it might have been a plane, star, planet or something but it was only in the sky for like 2 mins then it was gone??”

Kim Cömert commented, “My 5-year old daughter pointed out what looked like colourful lights grouped together last night wondered if others saw it too.”

Andover UFO

The comment is preceded by a photograph from a second photographer, the image appears to show an unusual display of lights. The post says, “I FOUND IT AGAIN, the sky cleared up a bit again after the snow, I was in a Park near Asda and I saw the weird light again!”

This is the second photograph taken of an obscure shape in the skies over the town.

Andover UFO? March 16th 2018
Andover UFO? March 16th 2018

Taking a not unusual stance, a spokesperson at Porton Down was “neither able to confirm nor deny” that it had any knowledge of the increasing number of lights seen above Andover.

Porton Down is a classified Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL): Without a trace of irony their website states: “No aliens, either alive or dead have ever been taken to Porton Down or any other DSTL site”.

A reporter from SomersetLive commented in a recent article: “Interesting that it does not say aliens do not exist”.

Porton Down (courtesy of Metro)
Porton Down (courtesy of Metro)

Chemtrails, a nebula, Nibiru (or the fabled Planet X), “Putin’s Nukes” and “clearly aliens” are among the suggestions as to what the curious lights may be.

If you spot anything unusual in the skies and capture an image on your camera – please do email us your photographs by clicking here.

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