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Andover BID Business as usual coronavirus

Government restrictions have now been lifted nationally since yesterday 19th July 2021, but what does that mean for the residents, workers and businesses within Andover?

As most government restrictions lift in Andover, Steve Godwin, Andover BID manager says:

We have wide open spaces and pedestrianisation in town which helps people to fee safe and secure. The high street, Riverside Park and The Chantry Centre are all quite central and easily accessed from the bus station or one of the many convenient town centre car parks.

Business in town has been brisk for several weeks so as people’s confidence returns, footfall has thankfully started to increase and with the good weather people are out and about in town again.

Generally, Andover people are sensible and although most restrictions have been lifted, many of our town centre retail shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes along with leisure facilities are still displaying signage to say that people should socially distance and where possible wear a face covering.”

One example is the Town Mills pub in the centre of the town which is continuing to offer table service whilst allowing customers to go to the bar if they want to but not allowing queuing. Pete Richard, landlord of the pub, told me that they have been busy and that the garden has been in great demand. They have extended their facilities so that customers can sit out at the front of the pub as well as the back garden overlooking the river. The introduction of table service to help customers feel safe during Covid is continuing with that so that people have a choice but can continue to feel safe.

Now is the time for us to support our local businesses and support our local economy. At the time when they are most vulnerable, we can stand together as a town and #shopandover.

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