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Council report condemns incinerator submission

On December 5 2019, Test Valley Borough Council’s northern area planning committee will meet to consider the authority’s response to the incinerator proposed at the A303 Enviropark in Barton Stacey.

The official report prepared for the meeting includes a number of consultee replies that express concerns over issues such as landscape, tourism and air quality. The report therefore recommends that the committee objects to the submission on the basis that the authority has received inadequate information. It also recommends that Wheelabrator, which is the company responsible for the project, conducts further public consultation on their proposals once additional work has been completed.

The proposed facility is a nationally significant infrastructure project and therefore the planning inspectorate will determine whether to issue consent on behalf of the secretary of state. Test Valley Borough Council is consulted as part of the process but it will not make the final decision.

Anyone wishing to submit comments regarding the scheme should visit www.wtiharewood.co.uk/consultation by the close of the current consultation period on December 12 2019. The results of Wheelabrator’s public consultation exercise on the scheme is likely to be submitted to the planning inspectorate for formal consideration next year.

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