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Cupcake for Charity anyone?

The Alzheimers Society for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are inviting you to hold a cupcake party in aid of raising funds for their fight against dementia.

Dementia is a dreadful illness that causes you to lose a loved one, right in front of you, in the worst way possible. Dementia patients no longer recognise family and friends. They lose the mental capacity to do the things we take for granted such as dressing or feeding themselves. Patients can retract to earlier phases of their life and recall things from years ago as if it was only yesterday. They can be easily confused and become a danger to themselves and others. They need constant care. Can you help the Alzheimers Society in their battle to defeat this illness for once and for all.

You can either have the party with family in your home, or expand to your family/friends outside via videocalling/conferencing. You can even hold off until the current situation is over and we can all meet again. All they ask is that you hold one.

The society will even supply you with recipes games, posters, flags, everything you need to not only host the party, but advertise it too!!! (And all edible!!)

For more information, please go to their website specially for the event and sign up here

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