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It’s okay.need to talk. Working for better mental health.

Two sisters, Coral & Paige, together calling themselves ‘Sisters Stopping Suicide’ are working to prevent suicides following on from the much publicised death of Mike Thalassitis and also personal experience of the heartache such actions can cause.

Between them they have set up Instagram and Facebook pages for anyone who has mental health issues and needs someone to talk to. Both pages are called itsokay.needtotalk and are aimed at those struggling to cope.

Mental health has become a very important issue in todays world, with so much pressure being put on from modern day living, social media and causes such as PTSD. These two ladies are doing everything they can to assist sufferers.

Their Instagram profile has 23,800 followers. Showing just how much people are affected by this issue. They assured me they answer every message sent to them on their social media, proving that it can be a blessing, when used the right way. Their Facebook page has only recently started up but provides another way for anyone with mental heath issues to get in contact.

They are holding a celebration of one year of helping people on the 28th March 2020 at Glebe Hall in Basingstoke. Information and tickets for the event can be found here.

The ethos of itsokay.needtotalk is to promote mental well-being and habits that can assist to that end.

The ladies stated that for young people the biggest pressures are from education – to do well in exams, and social media – cyberbullying and trolling.

The biggest problem they have found in the year they have been running this, is the lack of support and/or rejection of services. Many do not even know where they can turn to, and this is where Coral & Paige step in to guide people. For those that prefer to talk to someone on the phone. They refer them to the Samaritans who can be contacted for free on 116 123. but in the modern age when text/messaging services seem more of the norm, itsokay.needtotalk provides an invaluable service.

They are in the middle of creating a new programme to presented to young people on Social Media Health. Working to teach modern youngsters how to deal with the issues using social media can bring.

For those who suffer anxiety, they also sell anxiety braclets. Charming looking bracelets with that bit extra for those that need it. They can be purchased here.

You’re never ever alone. There’s always someone ready to listen

Coral & Paige

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