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Riverside Park development underway

The Riverside Park plans are well and truly underway now

The car park at the rear end of Wilkos, next the the Town Mills, is now partially blocked off ready for the contractors to come in and begin work on the new entrance off Western Avenue as per the plans for the development of the area into a new pocket park for the town.

The development, which aims to take advantage of the River Anton that flows through town, will be removing the road leading up to the Town Mills and converting the area into a natural green space for the residents and shoppers of Andover to enjoy and relax in.

Whilst this planned area development was not initially part of the Andover Masterplan being designed and developed by Hemingway and NEW Masterplanning, they have incorporated it into the main design for the new and improved Andover town centre.

The first stage of this redevelopment is to create the new entrance to the car park so that the current entrance can then be removed. The other advantage to this development is that there will no longer be confusion over who has priority trafficwise on leaving the Town Mills area. Where currently drivers are often unsure as to who has priority. Those travelling along Bridge Street or those leaving the Town Mills car park area.

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