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VIA & PTSD awareness month

October is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) month and veterans are among the worst sufferers of this condition.

Due to the nature of the work, this condition very often affects military personnel, both serving and ex-service. It is a recognised condition that effects mental health to varying degrees. It can cause issues within families, with friends as well as for the person suffering the condition.

Symptoms can include flashbacks to the events, hypervigilance. nausea, phobias, high emotions levels, loss of concentration, moods swings and difficulty sleeping. To name but a few.

On October 12th Veterans in Action will be conducting a PTSD awareness walk from Stockbridge to Andover to highlight these issues and how it affects veterans in particular.

If you are interested in the Walk 4 PTSD, you can find more information here

Information on PTSD can be found here and what’s happening for awareness month here

The event Facebook page can be found here

Any veterans suffering with this condition are invited to make contact with VIA here

You can also support veterans in the Love Andover Table Raffle.

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