New Furniture Shop Opens in Town on Friday

Parking issues that threatened the opening of the new International Furniture shop in town have been averted and they will open at 10am on Friday 16th August. [Read more...]
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Parking issues that threatened the opening of the new International Furniture shop in town have been averted and they will open at 10am on Friday 16th August.

Whilst moving stock to the old Habels shop the vans were being targeted by traffic wardens and told they were only allowed 10 minutes. This would have caused serious issues with trying to get furniture delivered.

International Furniture Loading Bay

A meeting organised by Tony Hooke between owner Kevin Farrer, local MP Sir George Young and TVBC leader Ian Carr at the Rendezvous Centre managed to break the deadlock and TVBC will be issuing a letter to cover use of the loading bay area.

Kevin said: “I’d like to thank all the staff, family, friends, helpers and councillors that have helped with the move and sorting this issue out. We’re looking forward to getting the shop open.

The shop will also be home to Haygold Carpets who will be offering floorcoverings.

International Furniture have traded for 15 years and have tried to move into the town centre on previous occasions. The unit will continue to trade at Picket Piece and Kevin is looking at doing a “free parking” incentive to buyers in the shop.

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  • A very warm welcome to Kevin and International Furniture. This is exactly the type of business and businessman that the town so desperately needs. Kevin is not only bringing a business into the area that will prove a boost to the top of the High Street, but will also create much needed employment, not to mention the extremely important charity work he and his family undertake, which due to their modesty, goes largely un-noticed. We really do need more entrepreneurial businessmen like Kevin, who can make this town the success it should be. Good luck to you Kevin. I wish you all the success. You deserve it and I am sure Andover will back you.

    A word of warning to Ian Carr and his small band of followers – you should never have allowed the parking situation to get to this point. I am watching and scrutinising every move you make. Every mistake will be highlighted and your poor record will be challenged. It beggars belief that you are trying to take credit for reinstating the car parking spaces you took from the town a few years ago. Please do not treat the people of this town as fools, they can see right through you. You, Sir, are strangling this town. This town needs vision and leadership. Sadly, you are unable to provide either. Listen to your own colleagues who are saying that if you lead them into the 2015 election, you will lead them to defeat. If it is still your wish to be rewarded with an MBE and that is what you are still hanging on for, I myself will nominate you if that is what it takes. Please go and go now, give this town a chance.

    There is a better way.

    • If I may add to Tony’s remarks, what we have here is a classic case of Left and Right hands in the Council not knowing what the other are doing. One department works to encourage businesses into the town, another enforces over-the-top parking/loading restrictions that very nearly prevented this business from opening.

      The Leader of the Council is responsible for ensuring that his Council has joined-up thinking. In this particular case, he has clearly failed.


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