Petition to Reduce Rents in the Chantry Centre

A campaign has been organised on to petition AXA Real Estate Management in order to try and reduce the rents in the Andover Chantry Centre. [Read more...]

After research showed rents are too expensive in the Chantry Centre, a campaign has been organised on to petition AXA Real Estate Management in order to try and reduce the rents in the Andover Chantry Centre.

The petition states:

Andover as a town is struggling and losing shops one after another due to the high rents and rates. This is leading to less footfall and less shops coming in.

Even with over 10 empty stores they are not willing to allow pop up shops and are still increasing rents. Andover Chantry Centre is more expensive than the new shopping centre in Newbury…does that make sense?

Whether they want to price everyone out to close it and knock it down (you would get alot of flats there) or just don’t care IT’S OUR TOWN – STOP ANDOVER DYING ANY MORE

Click the link below to go to the petition:

Chantry Centre Andover

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  • RENTS ARE TOO HIGH. SHOPS CLOSE. Shopping area becoming a GHOST TOWN or
    a town like LAS VEGAS. SAVE OUR ”Shopping Area” to SHOPPING NOT GAMBLING.
    Andover is Growing SO NEED SHOPS for the LOCAL People to use for every day use.

  • We moved here a year ago and it is absolutely ridiculous that there are so many houses built in the area and no shops that you really need, apart from supermarkets, lots of betting, charity shops! It doesn’t make any sense to me why the rents are so high! Also I’ve been trying to get the kids swimming lessons and there is only one leisure centre, old, boring but overpriced oh and guess what, there were100 kids on a waiting list! It’s a joke! Hardly any job opportunities! I’ll give it some more time here, but really considering moving out in a couple of years if things get worse! This town needs a bit of revamping and who ever is in charge of those things should be attracting business here, not pretend its some posh place and have these prices so high! It could be a great place to live!

    • Building another leisure centre would be a disaster believe it or not alc is a none profit organisation any profit goes back to returning over the past 4 years they have spent millions renovating the centre the whole site has been refurbed except the pool. And that’s because its a raised pool it would cost millions to return the pool. They spent 350k redoing the changing rooms 2 years ago, the previous year redone the gym and last year redone archives world the cafe and reception.
      Do you have any idea how much a leisure centre costs to run? Legally they have to back wash the pool once a week. That cost £1500 they also have to do that every time someone pukes or dumps in the pool which happens a lot. You also have to finance regular maintanence, costs of electric which is high usage due to the nature of the size of the site and the filtration system in use, heating, staff wages etc.
      I agree it sucks its expensive but what can they do? 3 years ago the centre made a 60k running loss but still strived to spend 400k renovating for you guys. I have worked in leisure centres for 10 years and used to work for alc and can essure you their clenlenes standrrds are a million times better than any centre I’ve worked in.

      • That is your opinion and you are entitled to it, I don’t think the place is as clean as other places I’ve been to!

  • Need more “useful” shops instead of mainly cafes and betting shops which is all Andover has apart from charity shops. Hythe town center has more choice and its half the size of Andover! Reduce the rent and lets get some real shops in, more local producers and or larger chains to boost the economy and jobs in the local area

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