Proposal and Plan for Former Approach Garage

The former Approach BP Filling Station will see Topps Tiles, Majestic Wines and a MacDonald's Drive Thru restaurant under a proposal drawn up by the site owners. [Read more...]

The former Approach BP Filling Station will see Topps Tiles, Majestic Wines and a MacDonald’s Drive Thru restaurant under a proposal drawn up by the site owners.

The proposal for the redevelopment of the former Approach Garage will see partial demolition of the existing premises and construction of an additional freestanding building.

The scheme will consist of:

  • Retention of filling station with extended ancillary shop
  • Conversion and extension of the former car dealership to form two retail warehouses
  • Construction of a new building to provide additional retail space

There is also proposed car, cycle, motorcycle parking and ancillary area.

Approach in Andover Plan
Image thanks to Char Cohen
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  • Why on earth does andover need another fast food outlet?! What a total waste of space. Andover town needs to concentrate on bringing people in for the right reasons, not just for a quick food fix!!!

  • Paul rolfe you are quite right this is just stupid idea try putting something we need back into Andover keep it a petrol station
    A bp garage .

  • While it is good to see that empty, derelict buildings in and around the Town area are being utilised, it would be beneficial for the people of Andover to have retailers that would supply what we need and not what the Council think we might require.

    We have a McDonald’s, we had a tile shop, it closed, as for wine, we have more than enough super markets to supply that, come on Mr Carr put your thinking cap on and listen to the people of this Town for once.

    • Why would TVBC be responsible for bringing these proposed businesses to the town? They are a local authority – that is all! Retailers everyone wants here will only come when it is viable for them to operate here, and not because the local authority has told them to come here!!!

  • I am amazed it will not be flats or a care home. Surely not another fast food chain. I thought the country was worried about obesity. Good luck to the other companies.

  • The joys of the planning system means that no local authority has any power over what shops do or don’t come into the town. They can only object on grounds of planning law. It is good, however, to see a derelict space being used.

  • Michael may I correct you, a gun dose not kill people, it is the bullet when fired from a gun, as for TVBC being responsible, it is down to them to allow planning permission and decide who will or wont start trading in Andover.

  • Total waste of space,,,as someone has already said we have plenty of supermarkets for wine, we did have a wine shop that closed on Mylen Road (bottoms up) so do not consider another would be any use in Andover.
    Tiles can be bought in Homebase or Wickes so see no sense in another outlet for them.
    A drive thru Mc Donalds well we have one of those and also KFC is just across the roundabout!!!
    Has any real thought gone into what people in Andover want on this site?? No. Maybe a vote should be put out to the people who live here what thay would like to see here ….

  • TVBC have very limited scope to stop a business opening in Andover (or anywhere). As Andy says they can only object under planning law. If they do try and stop a business and are overruled on appeal, how many will then be moaning at TVBC for “wasting our money”?

    Whilst councils can try and attract shops and businesses into towns, they can’t roll up at John Lewis and say “Right, you. Move into Andover!” It is not their decision.

    So who does decide what the town needs? I’ve seen as many calls for a Primark and Nandos etc as I have against them.

    It is ultimately a business that decides if it wants to open in Andover and that usually comes down to demographics – does the area have enough people and enough disposable income to buy their goods and make them profitable. If not, they look elsewhere.

    If people don’t like McDonalds coming to town, then campaign against it. Organise a petition and present your case to planning. If it still ends up coming then don’t use it if it does. If they don’t take the money they will soon get the message and close down.

    I am not that enthused about another McD’s opening in town but IF it gets the go-ahead I am pretty sure for all the calls of “we don’t need another McD’s” it gets used and doesn’t shut due to lack of interest.

    And maybe, just maybe, if we get more businesses opening that “we don’t want”, maybe the ones “we do want” will decide to take a chance too.

    • Very well said Richard. If we Andovians don’t spend money in the local shops then they will close or not even arrive in the first place. We all continue to shop at the Supermarkets from bread and milk to insurance and utilities and then moan that the shops and Cinema have closed down. Damn hard to beat their Super-prices though??? Thornton’s is closing soon. Maybe the position close to the other two Supermarkets might be a good place to open and start the ball rolling.

  • A stones throw away is very large supermarket selling alcohol which is open all hours, another smaller one nearby selling the same. Another fast food outlet on opposite side of the roundabout too. Can see this as big mistake, encouraging anti social behaviour and it’s associated problems. Need to consider those residents who live very close to the site too. Come on! Let’s be a little more inventive here! Andover needs to improve, not add another potential trouble spot for our already stretched public services. The tile company will either succeed or fail but it’s not going to encourage the asb mentioned above unless the buildings provide spaces for people to hide away after dark so they are out of sight to consume the alcohol and possibly take illegal substances! Planners, please think seriously before passing these proposals. Surely we can do better for our council tax payers?

  • Peter Mather epitomises the ignorance & reactionary politics of a typical #UKIP supporter. Michael’s comments above better reflect the reality of the situation & TVBC cannot withhold planning permission on ‘perceived need’ only if it is inapprioriate or detrimental. Given Topps Tiles are hardly a lap dancing outlet on what ground can planning be refused for business usage?

    It is very good news that a site already in decay will be developed & hopefully a new petrol wil put some much needed competition into existing market in town.

    I am ambivalent towards Majestic & Topps as they are stores I’m unlikely to use but I’m sure they’ve done their research and have identified a gap.

    As much as I dislike drive thru McDonalds & too many fast food outlets in Andover, I have no doubt it will be extremely popular and provided waste is managed an evil we can live with.

    Perhaps Peter Mather would like to see an Eastern European retail outlet? I know I would, diversity is the spice of life. In meantime I would like to see UKIPs plans for the town instead of constantly rubbishing anything TVBC produce, its getting churlish & a tad puerile in my honest & layman’s opinion.

    • I must say that I do have to agree with this post. In particular, TVBC are almost treated as evil doers. In my commercial experience, let me be the first to assure many of you that it is extremely difficult for local authorities to affect any form of control over large business. Take Tesco for example, they are notorious for bullying local authorities, stakeholders, and opponents of their new stores. This is not just a challenge for TVBC, but for every local authority in the country.

      TVBC are in the driving seat of the council, whilst all may not agree with their decisions, policies etc, it is easy to criticise when you are not in control. How many of us criticise our favourite footballers, yet would be able to do what they do.

      I have had the privilege of living in many towns, some of which would frighten some individuals. Andover is not the finest town in the country, but nor is it the worst – along way from it.

      Businesses will come to Andover because they see an opportunity in doing so, not because they are told to. I also know for a fact that TVBC co-operate with organisations interested in coming to the town. Travelodge is one example, and Travelodge is the source of this information.

      If some people see problems in Andover fair enough, however, the way to address them is to first understand them, and not find a whipping boy in the form of TVBC or any other stakeholder in the town.

  • I’m Glad Mcdonalds is coming more into town [fed up with going to portway]from the east side of town, remember this town is growing eastwards, several thousands more houses going up & Tesco’s roundabout shops will be in the middle of Andover. time these houses are built there will 12.000 + more people in the town bringing the total POP 60.000 + so i think those few store’s will be absorbed quite easy.

  • Instead of having more fast food resturants etc, how about we focus more on things for teenagers to do? After all, there appears to be plenty of places within the town which focuses on activities for young children (such as the leisure centre having children’s swimming classes in the big pool around 6pm which can be irritating as swimming can sometimes be almost impossible and could be done roughly an hour after school finishes between 3-4pm) but not enough on children in secondary school and older. Sure there are youth clubs and other places outside of Andover that older kids can go to but have the council actually thought as to whether or not people can get to these places and can they afford to get to them? Have they thought about whether or not there are bus services running at the times these activities start and finish as there may not be teenagers with parents who can drive to these places and taxis may be too expensive to use on top of the cost of attending these activities?

    I know I would have liked to be have had somewhere that I could have gone to besides the cinema and the swimming poll to have some fun within town when I was a teenager as I come from a one parent family in which my parent is unable to drive and didn’t have the means to afford the cost of transportation to get to places outside of Andover where most of the activities I would have liked to have done on top of the cost of doing that activity.

  • What highway improvements will be made prior to the development taking place? (assuming it IS approved). The capacity of the roundabout I would proffer is not high enough to cope with the 4 proposed retail units compared to the existing 1 unit (+ ancillary use) given the burger joint will be a drive thru I would anticipate a huge increase in capacity will be required and will generate more car/delivery movements than the past use of the site ever did. Add to that traffic movements generated by the other proposed units. The developer should pay for those and TVBC should include such provisions in any permission granted with a clause that such improvements are necessary as the site is on a major access route to the town centre. If such conditions are not attached it will be the highway authority who will have to pay for improvements in the future – which means the council tax payer.

  • Many burger drive thru’s are more than just a drive thru…..looking at the site plan and traffic flow for the burger joint it would appear it is also a sit in restaurant given its size and the provision of parking spaces. Anyone know different?

  • I think it should be a tk max or something…we have plenty of shops in the town to provide all the others,and as for another mcdonalds!! really!! I don’t go to the one we have,processed burgers,no thankyou!!…

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