The Chantry Centre IS Too Expensive

For people saying that the Chantry Centre is too expensive to rent a shop, a little bit of research has turned up just how expensive. [Read more...]

For people saying that the Chantry Centre is too expensive to rent a shop, a little bit of research has turned up just how expensive.

So that the figures are uniform the same website has been used for all the figures. This is on the basis if they are too high they will all be too high.

[table colalign=”left|right|right|right”] Town,Andover,Newbury,Salisbury
Location,Chantry Centre, Kennet Centre, Butcher Row
Square Feet,618,575,572
Rent (pa),”£29,500″,”£22,500″,”£29,500″
Rates (pa),”£14,427″,”£6,911″,”£13,740″
Service Charges (pa),”£2,270″,”£3,175″,”n/a”
Term (years),10,5,10

All information was obtained from the Showcase website.

The nearest comparison is the Kennet Centre as there are no comparable shops in Salisbury available – the one in Butcher Row is not in a shopping centre.

Thanks to Liz Ferla for instigating this and getting me curious enough to look into it 😉

Chantry Centre Andover
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  • Excellent work Liz. OK so what is to stop TVBC buying it back and letting the units on a not for profit basis so that the town can breath again. As for the rates and service charge words fail me.

  • I think that AXA they want the Chantry Center to fail and close so they can build more apartments and 2 bedroom flats, With internet shopping and out of town shopping with free parking, it looks pretty obvious, They want to make much more money and the more shops that are forced to close because of the mad and unjust rent and rates., they will say it is not worth their while to keep it open.
    I like the idea of tvbc buying it back, which would give us much more control.

  • Tony has a great idea there. TVBC should buy it back and show their support to the local businesses. The figures shown above make a mockery of the new £1000 Business Improvement Grant that can be awarded to new retail businesses. With the figures shown above, the grant would not even make a dent in the terms applied. Online shopping excludes over 30% of the population, so a more attractive solution to urge online businesses to move back into the town center needs to be done to give the consumers more variety. Cherished China being a case and point!

    • A little sidetrack here I know but online shopping is quite often more of an inconvenience than not. This is mostly down to delivery times and the fact that quite often i’m not home when they deliver so I have to wait another day to then drive and pick up from the depo (if I can before work as they close by 2pm). If I am going to have to drive anyway, I might as well pop to town and pick it up there – money stays in the local economy and I am not inconvenienced any more than traditionally acceptable.

  • I started a business selling baby and children’s clothes in February of this year, the rents in the town are exactly the reason why I have set up at The Commercial Centre in Picket Piece, it was the only place affordable for a start-up business with limited funds and it is a struggle as we have to advertise heavily to get people out to us. Obviously a shop in the town would be much better for footfall.

    I did start out on the market but it did not really work well for the products I sell, the weather didn’t help. Knowing that the shop rent’s and rates were out of my reach I contacted the Chancery Centre to rent one of the stalls in the middle but the price for a week was equivalent to what I pay for a month now.

  • we would like to start our own business in andover, but have been deterred dy the high rents and rates.

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