Union Flag to Fly Over Council Buildings

From Monday, 9 September the Union Jack will fly routinely over the Guildhall Andover, Crosfield Hall Romsey and the Council’s Beech Hurst offices. [Read more...]

From Monday, 9 September the Union Jack will fly routinely over the Guildhall Andover, Crosfield Hall Romsey and the Council’s Beech Hurst offices.

The only exception will be on specific flag days, designated by central government, and when twinning partners visit the borough. When Council meetings take place the Council flag will fly underneath the Union Flag.

Councillor Ian Carr, Leader of the Council, said: “I am proud to announce that from today the Union Flag will fly from Council flagpoles. The Council has traditionally followed the guidance from central government about when it should be flown. However, for the first time ever, I have recently received a request, via an online petition, suggesting that the Union Jack should be flown every day on Council buildings, though a simple direct request would have been sufficient. I think the flying of the flag is a sensible suggestion which I am happy for us to adopt.

The borough is the base for the British Army Headquarters and Andover is shortly to see a homecoming parade for the 22 Engineer Regiment. I also signed a Community Covenant with the armed forces in the borough last year. The Covenant aimed to encourage support for the armed forces community living and working in Test Valley. I can see no better recognition of this than to see the Union Flag flying over our two main towns on a daily basis.

The Council will continue to comply with central government guidance on the flying of flags for specific events.

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  • I have to take issue with some of what Councillor Carr says: “though a simple direct request would have been sufficient.” A direct request WAS made albeit not a formal letter, but a number of people contacted council representatives in person and through local Facebook pages. It was refused on grounds of cost and “lack of public support”. There is evidence that Cllr Carr saw the relevant Facebook posts reporting the matter.

    Undeterred, UKIP activist Liz Ferla started an online petition on Change.Org, promoting it on local Facebook groups, getting nearly 100 signatures and then a paper petition where UKIP members collected 60 signatures in an hour in the market place on last Saturday. For every signature online an automated email was sent to Cllr Carr, and no doubt the market place activity on Saturday reached the right ears too.

    This is not the first UKIP initiative in the Borough Cllr Carr has adopted since UKIP managed to get two UKIP County Councillors, Tony Hooke and Tim Rolt, elected in the town in May.

  • Would I be correct in my assumption that due to the request for his resignation as leader of our local Council, that Cllr Carr is having a re-think and is therefore starting to take a “U” turn on various issues in order to gain support and therefore warrant his position as leader.

  • So glad saw on Facebook people had asked only to be told “It would cost too much”. Would have signed the petition and everyone I know would also if we had seen it, so very pleased this has been allowed to happen!

  • Well done Liz many thanks for your work on this. Shame on Ian Carr. Yet again he is trying to take credit for other peoples work. The next target is to have the War Memorial back in place for 2018 and the Town Hall returned to the people of Andover. I have no doubt that Ian Carr has not heard a single request for either. So when the Memorial to the Towns fallen is returned to where it belongs I can already hear him saying this is what Andover wants and I am very proud to return it to where it belongs. Keep going Liz.You and your team are doing great work for the Town please don’t be put off the path you are on.

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