What Facilities Do You Want in Andover?

Think Andover needs more facilities but don’t know how or who to ask? Tell us and then read on as we may have the answer… [Read more...]

Think Andover needs more facilities but don’t know how or who to ask? Tell us and then read on as we may have the answer…

Anji Giles is running the “Bring Back Breakers” project and the once empty building will again be open next year as a community based company.

Splashpark in Andover
Image from Twin Lakes Park

Using Facebook Anji asked what 3 things (excluding shops and restaurants) would people like to see in the town. There were some silly answers but there were also some great ideas including the following:

  • Convert a warehouse on Walworth with a bar and food area to compliment a sprung dance floor for all types of dance, concerts, performances
  • Indoor traditional park with fake grass, picnic area, swings etc.
  • Skate park (hopefully in place) but add a chill room with a screen to watch skating or BMX etc.
  • Ice skating rink
  • Indoor market in a Walworth unit
  • Arcade – not fruity machines but air hockey and arcade (some of this will start in Breakers)
  • Outdoor obstacle course
  • Band stand
  • Some type of outdoor theatre at the town park
  • Outdoor cinema – obviously this would only be summer time
  • Splash pool – just 4 inches of water of so for the summer if you want to get posh so water jets
  • Sand pit in town park – maybe difficult because of cats
  • Large pool with flumes (bit adventurous but would be great)
  • Budgie cages back
  • Outdoor gym equipment/circuit – can be built up over time and bring people to the town park
  • Pretty up the roundabouts

Anji said “ALL of these items would qualify for the grants I have applied for and would take a bit of work but would be doable.”

Some of these have been discussed as projects to try to take on via Breakers but obviously that will take time but as stand-alone with a couple of people doing a few hours a week any of these could be done.”

Bandstand in Andover
Image from Urban Projects Ltd

So what would YOU like to see in Andover? Any of the above ideas inspire you? Would you like to get involved?

Add your idea(s) to the form below and tell us if you’d like to get involved. We’ll then organise a meet up so we can start getting a few of them underway.

Ideas Form

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  • Want we want in Roman Way area is a outdoor swimming pool so parents can teach their children to swim before they go to the beach etc.
    Also we need allotments as well instead of more houses.

    • I don’t really think allotments are needed as much as housing / houses!

      Also people have gardens so again why allotments, 3rd allotments are outdated. I’m surprised they are still in existence, but they are and there are allotments already in this town.

      Roman way needs people respecting the park that they have. Outdoor swimming pool would be better suited to an area everyone can get to and or park. There is no parking on Roman way other than private residential which is already over crowded.

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