Who Are You Voting For And Why?

It's not long now until the Hampshire County Council Elections on Thursday 2nd May - but have you made up your mind who you are voting for and why you are voting for them? [Read more...]

It’s not long now until the Hampshire County Council Elections on Thursday 2nd May – but have you made up your mind who you are voting for?

According to the poll on the website UKIP and the Lib Dems are leading the way in town however this may change when it comes to getting out and voting.

Are you happy with the status quo or would you like to see major changes? Well now is your chance to let us know who you plan on voting for and more importantly why.

Just complete the Comment section below with your name and email address so that we can publish the results.

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  • I will be voting for UKIP, because I want some change and freshness, and the biggest reason I want out of the eu and am fed up with the lies and promises of a referendum…
    Have always been a conservertive voter, never voted for any other party in my life I am 70 and never expected. too.. Disgusted with the lies from Cameron and the fiddleing of expenses and totally mis trust politics. I could go on and and on.!!!!!!!

    FED UP too with that ANGELA MERKEL AND THE MONEY SPENT ON THE EUROPEAN PARLIMENT ie salaries and perks. . never voted for a european parliment human rights thing being overulled in our courts bu europe bloody cheek how did that happen, unemployment bnkrupt countries like Spain and many others Cyprus.

  • I’ve seen loads of sites telling me who is running but nothing to say what the councillors intend to do if they get a seat.

    I will be voting but this time I want to do more than guess!

    Does anyone know where I can find this information?


    • Hi Dean

      We’ll be adding the responses we had from the councillors to the website tomorrow. Keep your eye on the website, Facebook and Twitter as there will be announcements as soon as they are posted on the site.

  • I will be voting UKIP. This is a turn for me in my political views, and purely because I believe, actions to support words. As a new start up business driven to support other local businesses and provide value for the residents, I got no help from the local Borough Council (other than the grant which almost any business can get subject to applying before the business starts!). In creating a business which I thought echoed the views of the council in supporting local businesses, I did not foresee a problem, I was wrong!.

    It took a local businessman, Tony Hooke, to see and understand the concept of the business model. Helping break some of the concerns with local businesses in the area, Tony has been huge help and provided some inspiring ideas to make the business model more appealing. If Tony Hooke drive and commitment to make things better is an example of a party’s policies, then UKIP will get my vote.

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