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Pawsitively Pampered: 4 Paws Pet Spa Wags its Way into Ludgershall

In 2021, Autumn Sammes relocated to Andover, embarking on a journey to fulfill her dream of opening her own pet grooming business. What started as a modest venture in her mother’s garage under the name “Paws at No.4” quickly blossomed into a thriving enterprise.

In just 18 months, Autumn’s pet grooming services became so popular that she had to close her books to new customers, despite working tirelessly six days a week, including evenings, to accommodate her loyal clientele. There was an official opening on 27th August.

As Autumn’s passion for pet grooming continued to grow, so did her business. The need for expansion became evident, leading her to search for a new premises. After exploring several options, she stumbled upon a charming unit in Ludgershall. It was love at first sight. Reflecting on her journey, Autumn shared, “The first time I drove through Ludgershall, around 2 years ago, I looked at the high street and said to myself, ‘this would be a lovely place to open up a groomers,’ and now I have followed that dream!”

Today, Autumn is the proud owner of “4 Paws Pet Spa” in Ludgershall, where she looks forward to an exciting new chapter. We sat down with Autumn to learn more about her inspiration, the services she offers, and her commitment to the well-being of the furry friends in our community.

A Pet Spa Like No Other

At 4 Paws Pet Spa, Autumn and her team understand the integral role pets play in our lives. They strive to provide the best care possible, offering a range of grooming services for dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Their services include full grooming sessions, puppy packages, hand stripping, bath and brush treatments, as well as specialized grooming for cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

Prioritizing Pet Comfort and Safety

One of the standout features of 4 Paws Pet Spa is their unwavering commitment to pet comfort and safety. Unlike some groomers, they do not use cages or cabinet dryers. Instead, pets enjoy spacious play pens furnished with comfortable beds and enriching toys. These pens are only used when necessary, ensuring that pets feel at home and relaxed during their visit. “Our natural and hypoallergenic products, as well as our range of optional spa treatments, will keep your pet looking and feeling their best,” Autumn emphasized.

Special Spa Treatments

4 Paws Pet Spa takes pet grooming to a new level with spa treatments designed to enhance your pet’s well-being. These treatments include:

  • Natural Teeth Clean: Keeping your dog’s breath fresh with a natural teeth gel and foam.
  • De-Shedding Treatment: Reducing shedding and promoting healthier skin and coat.
  • Dead Sea Mud Treatment: Soothing irritated skin and hydrating your pet’s coat.
  • Conditioning Treatment: Preventing mats and tangles, leaving your pet’s coat soft and smooth.
  • Luxury Facial Treatment: Combatting tear stains and dirty faces.
  • Paw & Nose Balm: Nourishing dry noses and cracked paws.

A Qualified and Passionate Groomer

Autumn’s journey into pet grooming began in 2015, following her completion of a Diploma in Animal Management. Over the years, she earned City and Guilds Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications in pet grooming. Her deep love for animals, coupled with her extensive experience, led her to establish her own grooming salon. After opening Paws at No.4 in her mother’s garage, Autumn expanded her business, proudly launching 4 Paws Pet Spa in Ludgershall.

Community Support and Warm Welcome

Since opening her doors in Ludgershall, Autumn has felt a strong sense of community support. A neighbor’s heartfelt gesture of a bottle of Prosecco on her opening day touched her deeply. The mayor, local businesses, and community members, including the vicar of St. James church, have all shown their support for her business.

Pet-Friendly and Eco-Conscious

4 Paws Pet Spa ensures the well-being of its furry clients by using only pet-friendly products. “All of the products we use are pet friendly. Our shampoos are natural, eco-friendly, vegan, and made by a fellow small business,” Autumn explained, underlining their commitment to shopping small whenever possible.

Booking Appointments and Staying Connected

Local pet owners can easily schedule appointments or get in touch with 4 Paws Pet Spa by calling 07562 347328 or emailing

While there are no current community events or initiatives, Autumn and her team are eager to support charities when opportunities arise.

A Unique Offering in Ludgershall

4 Paws Pet Spa is the only grooming salon in Ludgershall, making it a valuable addition to the community. “From my first week working in Ludgershall, I have learnt that there are so many dogs! Many locals have told me they have been wanting a groomer to open up in the area for quite a while and they are very happy that they have one now!” Autumn shared.

Staying Updated

Stay updated on the latest news and offerings from 4 Paws Pet Spa by following them on Instagram (@4pawspetspa) and Facebook (4 Paws Pet Spa).

4 Paws Pet Spa is more than just a grooming salon; it’s a testament to one woman’s dedication, a community’s warm welcome, and the promise of a brighter, more pampered future for Ludgershall’s beloved pets.