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Planning a trip to your local household waste recycling centre this weekend?

Bank Holiday weekends are usually time for a clear out and a trip to the local tip – and the inevitable queue!

Hampshire County Council (HCC) have offered advice to try and make your tip trip easier and quicker.

HCC said:

While our contractors work hard to improve the flow of customers at peak times, we don’t want people stuck in queues, and would much prefer the 4,000,000 visits made each year to be hassle-free.

Whether you are a keen gardener, or are just having a spring clean and need to pack up your car for a ‘trip to the tip’, we’ve come up with some top tips on how to beat the queues and make the most of your visit, and have more time to enjoy your time off!

  • All our sites are open for longer in the summer, from 9am to 6pm, seven days a week. Visit mid-week if you can, when it’s often quieter, especially later in the day
  • There are live web cams at our sites, and they can be a useful guide for seeing how busy it is before making a trip. Check out the live views from the sites
  • Why not donate any items you no longer want?  There are a number of charities around Hampshire who will take your unwanted items.  As well as doing your bit to reduce waste, passing on furniture, clothes or other household bits and pieces to charities can help your local community, especially those in need, to buy items at an affordable prices. See our Smart Living online directory for contact details for local reuse and repair organisations
  • From batteries to baths, fridges to furniture, there’s a recycling bin for most household items.  Before you go, check out our handy guide to what we can accept, and what is accepted with restrictions
  • Save yourself time by pre-sorting your recycling before you pack the car – e.g. wood, garden waste, scrap metal, so you can unload your goods into the right container quickly and efficiently
  • If your items are heavy, please don’t struggle, ask a member of staff who will be happy to help you
  • While you’re at the recycling centre, you might be able to pick up a second hand composting bin for a few pounds. Now’s a good time of year to start home composting, and reuse all that green waste  to enrich your borders, plant up containers or feed the lawn and save yourself a trip.  We’ve lots of great tips to get you started
  • Don’t forget, if you are using a commercial type van, pick-up or trailer to dispose of your household waste, you’ll need to apply for a free permit from us.  You can quickly apply, renew or replace online
  • During weekdays only, we also offer a local and convenient commercial trade waste service for small businesses
  • Remember, if you are paying someone else to take away your waste, you could land yourself a fine and a criminal record if it is found fly tipped. Protect yourself with some advice on your responsibilities as an individual. We’ve joined forces with a wide range of partners so we can use resources together to take a tough approach to enforcement of fly tipping in Hampshire
  • Find further information on your nearest HWRC and more