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Planning ahead as first Neighbourhood Plan approved

The first Neighbourhood Plan that will shape a community in Test Valley has now been formally approved.

Goodworth Clatford residents have voted for the plan that will help shape future development in the parish.

The Goodworth Clatford plan sets out a number of objectives in areas such as countryside, business and the community and will run until 2029.

The plan consists of ten policies covering design, location and the nature of any development. The plan also allocates seven sites as Local Green Spaces which are areas where development will not be allowed.

The policies will now have the same weight as the borough’s Local Plan which is used in planning decision making.

A referendum held yesterday saw a 52 per cent turnout, with 95 per cent of those casting their ballot voting to approve the Neighbourhood Plan, following a public consultation last year.

With Test Valley Borough Council support, Goodworth Clatford Parish Council worked together with residents to form the document that has also been considered by the borough council’s cabinet and an independent examiner.

It is the first Neighbourhood Plan to be approved in Test Valley, while a number of others are being progressed by parish councils across the borough.

Deputy leader of Test Valley Borough Council and planning portfolio holder, councillor Nick Adams-King said: “I’m delighted that the residents of Goodworth Clatford have supported the plan that took so much hard work to achieve. The parish council has done a fantastic job and I’m also grateful to officers of the borough council who supported them.

“I hope the other parish councils who are shaping their own neighbourhood plans take inspiration from this and push forward. Giving greater control to our local communities is one of our key objectives, the result in Goodworth Clatford shows how inclusive and popular this process can be.”