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Plea to keep dogs on leads near wildlife after goose left with fatal injuries

Photo taken by Jez Rolfe

The RSPCA is reminding dog-owners to keep their pets on leads around wildlife after a goose was left with fatal injuries after being attacked by a dog.

Rescuers from the animal welfare charity were called to help the injured greylag goose who had been spotted being chased by a dog at Anton lakes in Andover on Monday (24 May).

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer, Justine Hermon, said: “We urge dog-owners to be aware that there may be wild animals present in the area when walking their dog and where they are present to keep their dog on a lead. 

The person who called us had witnessed a dog attack the goose. He managed to get the dog off but the goose ended up with both legs badly broken.

These were really horrendous injuries that had left the goose unable to move. A decision was taken by a vet to put the goose to sleep to prevent suffering as there would have been no chance of recovery from the injuries.

“The water birds are frequently attacked on this lake, a swan was killed in a dog attack recently too. 

“The council has put signs up reminding people to keep their dogs under control but we hope seeing what has happened to this poor goose will remind people of the dangers dogs can pose to wildlife when not kept on the lead.”  

For more information about responsible dog walking in the countryside, please visit the RSPCA’s website: https://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/pets/dogs/walking