Poet's Corner

Who is Daniel Hooks

Dan Hooks - Andover Poet Laureate
Dan had forgotten his guitar

Existential views.
Church bell blues
christian old news.
Messiah complex
respectful specs
saviour syndrome old tech.

Love in heart of the wild
A sky cannot be outsourced or out styled.
It has millions of vistas and views
I will never be old news.

We are the sky
We will never die
or sink into religious why’s.
Who is Daniel Hooks?
neither a robber or a crook
just a man who looks
into the depths
like the mind who crept into a unfinished novel
I keep your secrets in my hovel.

This poem is a abstract biographical description of me. I didn’t want to write a straight forward poem describing what I look like or did as an occupation I wanted to write about what I stand for.


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