Andover Unlocked

Andover Unlocked

We want to help each and every one of our local businesses get as many customers as possible.

Our greatest offering is access to our audience, our radio listeners, newspaper readers, and digital media users.  We see our job as being able to offer as many opportunities to grow local businesses and the local economy with the acquisition of customers, in whichever way that may be achieved (as long as it’s legal!).

This isn’t just direct advertising, it’s advertorial content, social media, events, competitions and more.  We are especially proud to work with The Lifestyle Card, offering your business access to increasing numbers of loyal customers.

As part of our Andover Unlocked campaign, we are offering access to our radio audience (14,560 monthly FM listeners, with 10,200 listening on smart speakers (Data: February 2021)) AND advertisements in our free fortnightly newspaper with am 11,500 weekly readership (Data: March 2021).

Andover Unlocked Audience Figures March 2021

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    Radio40% Monthly Reach
    Newspaper44% Monthly Readership
    Social Media60,000+ Monthly Facebook Post Reach

    Andover Radio is committed to supporting the local economy. Your advertisement on radio, in the Love Andover Observer newspaper, on our website or through our social media channels will not only make sure we hit more relevant people (your prospective customers) than most other media, but your advertising spend goes towards helping our town.

    We have facilitated stunning events in the town like Crack The Code (did you win £25,000?), Weyhill Beer Festival and Andover Armed Forces Day.

    If you have any questions about how we can help your business grow, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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