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Recycling your real Christmas tree in Andover

You can recycle your real Christmas tree for free at one of the drop-off points across Test Valley. If you subscribe to the Garden Waste Collection Service TVBC will collect it at the kerb side, as long as it is under 6ft.

Michael Parker from Rooting for Andover suggests, Mulching the needles, he said , “If you want to put your tree’s needles to good use, why not turn them into mulch for the garden? Simply remove your branches and shake off the dead needles outside. They will decompose slowly and won’t collect mould.”

Michael told Andover Radio, “a real tree is actually more environmentally friendly Vs a fake plastic one the carbon footprint of a fake tree is around 14 to 18 kg of carbon, A real tree with roots can be used for 3 or 4 years if treated well then once it’s to big planted or chipped”

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