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Rice’n’Roll Set to Continue Rollin

In a surprising twist of events, the Rice’n’Roll team has reversed their recent decision to close the doors of their beloved business.

The announcement, made just last week citing family reasons, took many loyal patrons by surprise. However, in a heart-warming Facebook post addressed to their friends and customers, the team expressed their excitement about sharing some uplifting news.

The Rice’n’Roll team, touched by the overwhelming support and warm words from their patrons, has decided to reconsider their initial decision to close. The love and dedication displayed by their customers have played a pivotal role in reshaping their perspective, emphasizing how significant their establishment is to the community.

In an enthusiastic declaration, the Rice’n’Roll team shared their joy in announcing that the restaurant will continue to operate, albeit in a new format that aims to enhance the dining experience for their customers. Here’s what patrons can expect:

🍣 Takeaway: They will continue to have their popular dishes for takeaway from the Station Inn.

🍽 Dining Hall: A new dining hall is set to open its doors, providing a comfortable and cosy setting for patrons to enjoy their meals. Operating hours for the dining area will be from 4 pm till 9:30 pm. The dining room will be located in the Station Inn, where they operate from.

🚚 Changes in Delivery Service: While regular delivery services may be temporarily interrupted, the team is committed to accommodating large orders over £100 with a special delivery arrangement. Interested patrons are encouraged to get in touch with the restaurant to discuss such orders.

Expressing immense gratitude for the outpouring of support and loyalty, the Rice’n’Roll team believes that this new format will allow them to continue delighting customers with their fine cuisine while preserving the unique atmosphere that defines Rice’n’Roll.

The team eagerly anticipates the continued patronage of their customers and promises that each visit will be a memorable experience. With love and gratitude, the Rice’n’Roll Team extends their heartfelt thanks for the ongoing support, inviting everyone to be part of this exciting new chapter in their culinary journey. Together, they are poised to make this next phase truly special.