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#ShopAndover – Need To Have a Mooch in Town – Head to Mooch!

The words ‘shop local’ are more than important in these testing times for local businesses. With the COVID-19 affecting many businesses over the last few months. Last week non-essential shops began to open up again with social distancing measures in place.

Andover has a brilliant array of local businesses, and many have adapted to continue operating to provide their products and services to customers.

Here at Love Andover we are passionate about our town and the many businesses in it. We always want people to shop local where possible and we want to provide local businesses the opportunity to promote themselves with us.

As part of our partnership with the BID, we are giving away £35,000 worth of advertising to 70 local businesses in the BID area.

The Money Guy, Adam Phillips is working with these businesses to help save money and has successfully saved many businesses in the area thousands of pounds.

We have dispatched Adam into the High Street to talk to these businesses finding out how they are now operating. Adam visited Mooch, located on Bridge Street.

George tells Adam about the new one way system and how she has is looking forward to going back to normal.

When Adam met George:

George Roberts’ ‘Mooch’ has been one of the constants in most of our lives for the last… seems like forever! It’s been here for as long as I can remember… perhaps because I moved into Andover in 1994 – the same year Mooch opened.

Let that sink in a moment… this shop has been open for 26 years! In that time, we have seen TSB bought, moved and then moved and sold, Robert Greggs been and gone, Blockbuster has disappeared, The oven Door went, The Gorge, remember all these legendary businesses that used to be found in Andover?

Mooch is still there.

There has been so much change on the High Street within that time period it would seem odd for the Andovertarian to NOT see Mooch within the main town centre!

George has had to adapt recently, as have many business owners. There is now a one way system with arrows placed around the floor and a plastic shield placed at the front desk – hand built by George herself!

The new one way system implemented by George

If you haven’t been in this shop….1) Where have you been? 2) Go. There is so much variety in here, Take a look at the picture below and zoom in and see if there is something you fancy! Then – go buy it! George will arrange delivery for you, absolutely Free of charge to you.

Mooch’s Cave of wonders – so much variety and choice – head down to take a look!

George tells me:

We’re very pleased that our customers our returning and it’s fantastic to know that we are supported by local people who understand the importance of shopping locally, which in turn also supports other local companies and keeps our town thriving in these strange, uncertain times.

Mooch has got all the relevant Covid-19 safety equipment and has been adapted to allow for additional safety measures, such as the one way system, safety screen and hand sanitiser as you walk in. If you haven’t been in yet – please go and take a look!

To take a look virtual look at some of the items that have either been in the shop or are available now – check out Mooch’s Photos here or email moochandover@gmail.com You’ll find Mooch at 3 Bridge Street, Andover

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