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Skylarks in Harmony Woods

Alex Marshall who is the Andover Trees ecologist, says“Did you know there’s a population of red-listed Skylarks in Harmony Woods? “

Skylarks in the UK have seen huge population declines over the past 40 years, and with record levels of people using parks during the pandemic, experts fear this decline could accelerate .

This article here highlights their importance , this a just another reason to be grateful to live so close to the woods, to be appreciative for the volunteers who look after the woods, and another reason to take special care by keeping feet and paws on the designated footpaths. There is a footpath map at each entrance to the woods to guide people on where to walk whilst visiting.

Together we can help protect these beautiful rare birds.

Harmony Woods is a 10-year planting project, giving all the children and young people in our community the chance to turn 12 acres of land into a natural urban woodland, increasing biodiversity and providing a wealth of opportunities for learning in and about the environment. These 12 acres sit within a 44-acre wood, all of which is new woodland. The history of the site can be found here.

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