Spiritual Corner With Marie Ponting

We have the pleasure of introducing you to Marie Ponting, a writer for our spiritual corner. Marie is a deeply insightful and intuitive individual who has dedicated herself to helping others along their spiritual journeys.

Her passion for spiritual growth and her profound knowledge of various spiritual practices and teachings have led her to conduct workshops and events that inspire and empower individuals seeking to connect with their inner selves.

Through her work, Marie aims to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can explore their spiritual paths, connect with others, and ultimately find greater meaning and purpose in their lives. So, without further ado, let’s hear from Marie herself

The Buck Moon and Deep Relaxation

July is here, bringing with it the Buck moon, which will be full from the 19th to the 21st. In celebration, I will be hosting deep relaxation full moon meditations on the 19th. If you feel in need of some deep relaxation, please do contact me for more details.

Summer Solstice Reflections

How was your solstice? Did you do anything special to celebrate the longest day of the year? My plans were slightly disrupted, but I had a contingency in place. I took a drum and chanted with my feet on the sand and the wind in my hair on a beach in South Devon. Although there was no visible sunset and the weather was damp, drizzly, and cold, the drumming and chanting felt very cathartic and connecting. The rain, too, was cleansing, making it a personal yet wonderful celebration. I felt content and open to giving and receiving love, feeling connected not only to Mother Earth but also to my soul as the elements washed through me.

Fascination with Past Lives

Past lives are a subject that fascinates me. Have you experienced a past life, or is it something you are curious about? Known as your Akashic records or the records of your soul, these memories are accessible through meditation when you are willing. Sometimes the experiences can be exceptionally deep and emotional, but they are always beautiful, as healing comes from exploring, accepting, and healing the information within ourselves.

We often carry fears and anxieties from past lives into our current one. For example, I have a birthmark on my neck, and despite no trauma at birth, I discovered through meditation that in a past life, I was publicly hanged for being a witch. I believe this birthmark to be an imprint of my Akashic record. Understanding this connection between my lives brought about a feeling of understanding and reality. I have visited several of my past lives and found each journey beneficial, even the obscure ones. These experiences have helped me understand myself and my fears, allowing me to stand in my authentic self, which in turn has helped others.

If you have experienced a past life, I would love to hear about it. Remember, your soul will only show you what you are ready to see, and each meditation can reveal different pieces of the puzzle.

Upcoming Lammas Celebration

Lammas, the first of August, is approaching. This sabbat celebrates the grain and the first harvest. The year seems to fly by, doesn’t it? Lammas honors deities like Cerridwen, Isis, Inanna, and Demeter. Celebrations often include weaving, bonfires, baking, games, and dancing. If altar practices are important to you, making a corn dolly for your altar is very appropriate.

Connect with Me

You can find me on Facebook at Self Discovery with Astara if you would like to know more. I’m always happy to chat about spiritual matters.

Blessings and Services

Blessings, Astara