Spiritual Corner With Marie Ponting

We have the pleasure of introducing you to Marie Ponting, a writer for our spiritual corner. Marie is a deeply insightful and intuitive individual who has dedicated herself to helping others along their spiritual journeys.

Her passion for spiritual growth and her profound knowledge of various spiritual practices and teachings have led her to conduct workshops and events that inspire and empower individuals seeking to connect with their inner selves.

Through her work, Marie aims to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can explore their spiritual paths, connect with others, and ultimately find greater meaning and purpose in their lives. So, without further ado, let’s hear from Marie herself!

By Marie Ponting

In a flash August has gone, oh the long hazy days, although I remember there being some rain!

We experienced Lions gate in August, what is Lions gate? Lions gate is a portal of time from the 8th – 12th of August where there is a cosmic alignment, this alignment creates an energy gateway which is powerful for transformation, healing and manifestation.

Last month I was writing about change, and how changes in my life are happening and how accepting change can sometimes create resistance. I’m feeling much calmer and accepting of all these changes now, I wonder if this change in thought came about during Lionsgate? How are you feeling as Autumn approaches? The smell in the early mornings is divine, I cannot hide my sheer excitement as Mabon (Autumn) comes knocking, the leaves changing and falling, the temperature cooling, the very slow start to hibernation, what does Autumn mean for you, what do you associate with Autumn?

I went to Soul circus festival a couple of weeks back which was an incredible experience, I spent my weekend doing yoga, various meditations and Goddess Dance. 2 of the meditations were absolutely fascinating, womb healing and healing the ancestral line, whether that be past lives or your own bloodline. I found my great grandmother came to me, she died around 35 years ago so seeing her again although it was a surprise, it was a lovely surprise. Her message was very clear: I must heal the trauma in the female line of my family. This has really stuck with me, it was an amazing healing meditation that I will now be offering in my cabin. The womb can carry so much trauma, from birth, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, ectopic pregnancy, adoption, endometriosis, hysterectomy, cysts the list sadly goes on, how do we heal ourselves from these traumas? How do we know we are holding trauma in that area?

Very very interesting subject, I could talk about this for a very long time. The male area is called the Haha, they obviously don’t have a womb, but they still hold their emotions in that space, between the sacral and the solar plexus chakras, Svadisthana and Manipura. How many times have you used the saying ‘gut feeling’, ‘gut instinct’ this is our emotional brain. I also experienced Goddess Dance, which for me was fascinating as i was transported back to a past life of mine where I was an African witch doctor, I have seen this life on a couple of occasions, the feeling was quite euphoric being in a trance like state stamping bare foot in a field with at least another 50 people – amazing!!

I hope you enjoy the gifts September brings. Have a blessed September

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