Steve Randall

Steve Randall

Weekdays 6am-9am
Saturdays 6-9pm

Steve’s been on the radio in Andover for years and now he’s at Andover Radio playing Just Great Songs to start your day on a high!

As well as the music, Steve and the team will make sure you know what’s happening in and around Andover – and he may occasionally say something amusing, although to comply with regulations we must point out that this is by no means guaranteed!

Got a birthday, anniversary, good luck or other message to share? Let Steve know by email or you can follow (and message him) on Twitter or Facebook.

"I've listened to Steve every morning since the station started. I have every confidence that he'll be good one day."
Chris P. Pancakes
Beard Model
"Steve's the best thing since the snooze button was invented. Talk about boring!"
Ellie Phant
Internet Troll

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