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Story time with Vicky keeping kids entertained

Local first time mum and street pastor, Vicky Randell, dedicates herself to helping others. This year Vicky has turned the doom and gloom of lockdown into something far more positive to create her dream; becoming a children’s entertainer reading interactive stories from her own home “Story time with Vicky

Vicky, who has lots of background working with children of all ages, started her career at just 16, as a children’s entertainer and party planner where she stayed for 8 years, before moving to ABC pre-school to take up a singing and concert organisation role.

It was at pre-school that Vicky found her inspiration for reading. One little girl, Willow touched her heart in more ways than one. Vicky told Andover Radio 95.9fm that this little girl would ask her to read several books a day over and over. Together they would enjoy Gruffalo and Tiddler two children’s classics 10 plus times a day. Vicky explained that this really helped to grow her confidence ‘It just drove my heart to read more and more to children and start ‘Story time with Vicky’.”

Vicky who has struggled with mental health and low self-esteem, explained that “When you have low self-esteem you don’t really follow through with things”, she went on to say “You may have dreams and ambitions but you don’t follow through with them, so my therapist gave me the confidence to follow through my ideas and dreams.”

Willow Hobbs

This year during the pandemic Vicky took the plunge and started ‘Story time with Vicky’ Most, small children live their lives in quite a limited environment, especially during this recent pandemic. MP Nick Gibb produced a statement explaining the “Immeasurable benefit that stories can have in widening a child’s imagination, transporting them to entirely new and unfamiliar places – geographically, historically and emotionally. Getting lost in a good story can allow you to discover more about the world, more about humankind, and more about yourself.” During Gibbs speech he also highlighted how conversation and storytelling widen a child’s vocabulary, and a wide vocabulary is decisive in becoming a confident reader.

This new venture, Vicky says, “This has really helped me through the pandemic. It’s given me structure and I think that it’s really positive to keep my mind busy as well as encouraging families to get involved and enjoy stories together. The expressions on children’s faces just fills my heart with joy”

Vicky has had lots of positive feedback including from teaching staff from local schools and preschools, which Vicky says, “Really helps with confidence and makes me feel blessed as I just love working with children. I can’t thank the people enough who have supported me on this exciting journey, including local photographer Rebecca Leigh Prosser, who has really encouraged me to follow my dreams and gen me some great ideas, and all the local families who have helped their little ones join in and have some fun. I am very excited to see where “Stories with Vicky” might lead.”

You can join Vicky on her Facebook page on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7pm for FREE by clicking here. Or catch up on YouTube

If you have a little one with a birthday, contact Vicky who will offer a personalised message just for them.