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Stylish new entrance for Waterloo Court

The new signage at Waterloo Court in Andover

A fourth arch has been installed in Andover High Street to signpost visitors to the shops and businesses off the main town centre.

Waterloo Court, located between Newbury Building Society and the Chantry Centre, now has a brand new entrance to attract people to businesses such as Hewlins Hair and SevenTsix. The stylish new entrance boasts golden lettering with round, hanging signs that bear the names of each business. There are two vacant units in Waterloo Court, so the arch has extra space for future names to be added.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Phil North, said “We are making great progress with the arches project so it’s fantastic to see another one in place – advertising the businesses and organisations that operate off of the main High Street.

The decorative arch was designed and installed by renowned artist Peter Clutterbuck and is part of a series of installations that direct shoppers to the smaller businesses located off the High Street.

The idea to enhance signage came from feedback from the Andover Summit, which aimed to rejuvenate the town centre and increase footfall, and this work now continues through the renewed Andover Vision.