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Sweet Ideas bags an Independent Retailer Grant

A confectionary business based in Andover BID’s InAndover shared shop in the Chantry Centre is the latest business to scoop a £250 Independent Retailer Grant from Test Valley Borough Council.

Joanne Tierney has set up Sweet Ideas in the shared shop premises after selling confectionary at children’s parties, fairs, wedding buffets and car boot sales since 2015.

The financial boost has helped Joanne to invest in new stalls and display units for her products, which include a wide range of sweets, from giant cables to huge lollies, along with toffee, nougat and plenty of sweet jars. The product range has recently extended to include biscuits packaged in boxes from the iconic show Friends.

She said: “The shared shop is a great option for me to launch Sweet Ideas onto the High Street as it keeps the overhead costs lower. It is a great boost to be awarded the Independent Retailer Grant from Test Valley Borough Council to help get up and running.”

Local ward member, Councillor Iris Anderson, who presented the cheque to Joanne, said: “I wish Joanne all the best with her confectionary business. The grant scheme is a great opportunity for new local businesses and the shared shop offers an affordable way to set up a shop front presence on the High Street.”

The council’s Independent Retailer Grant is available to anyone looking to set up their own full-time business in Test Valley, occupiers of the shared shop can apply at a reduced rate of £250 (it is usually £1200) in view of the in-kind contribution the council is making by not charging rent or a service charge. In May the Council’s Cabinet approved a report granting occupiers of the shared shop eligibility for a one of £250 Independent Retailer Grant after the third month of occupancy.

These funds have become available to the community as a consequence of the council’s prudent investments, financial management and the use of the New Homes Bonus.

For more information about the council’s grant schemes, visit www.testvalley.gov.uk