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The Death of English values?

St George was supposed to defeat the Dragon not be binge drinking and then hitting the wagon what is English anyway? chivalry dead ,sexism still in men’s...

Poet's Corner

My dog eared paper heart

My dog eared heart Is a stray paper heart that is worn at the corners I like to warn you that it’s been used and abused In many different ways. Like a monetary...

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Parallel world

Outside this door is a world of promise that happened Where events occurred Where friendships were made Where foundations were laid Where peace talks worked...

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The power of now

In the daydream of the distant Is the peace that hides resistance In the kiss of sunlight upon your face is the warmth that raced across your skin hairs that...

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Manimal Lectern

In the scribbles of a mad man’s writing comes the dynamite that needs igniting words on the page burn and explode with furious rage the desperate don’t see...

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