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If I was a superhero

I am a nightmare in blue pants.I do my little dance.Then beat you.On cue.Cause I am a super hero.Super I said not superzero.Superman’s got nothing on me.I can...

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Andover Ash tree stream

Rising from the Ash trees we are the dust  from those trees  the first man and woman rose from the ashes maybe we were born in the fires of dead...

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The Rose that never opened up

The rose that never opened up Drinking from a devils cup of denial  You can’t even smile You are all thorns anyway  In the savage light of day you...

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Who is Daniel Hooks

Existential views. Church bell blues christian old news. Messiah complex respectful specs saviour syndrome old tech. Love in heart of the wild A sky cannot be...

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who is Daniel Hooks?

This poem was written to try to define myself but it’s still pretty generic how do we define ourselves is problematic do you hide behind your job your...

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I have let the war fade away

Blood shot eyes
 awake in flashback nightmares
 screaming in silence. 
Lost in guilt ridden violence 
everyday is a brutal regime 
there’s no distinguishing no...

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