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Poet's Corner

Black Rose

You look like a black rose in full bloom. Your pose and the clothes you wear make me stare. I am entranced hypnotised by your glance your raven black hair...

Poet's Corner

Bah Humbug to Valentines Day

A poem for St. Valentine’s Day (not quite the normal thing and a collaborative composition) BAH HUMBUG TO VALENTINES DAY. Love is such a silly word, It...

Poet's Corner

Sunflower yellow

In the space inside my hand only sand flowing through I don’t choose to be me and I don’t choose to be you I choose to be voice that says hello your favourite...

Poet's Corner

Sister of the maelstrom

Black clouds are brewing in distant skies Storm crows are shrieking their calls and cries What buildings? What walls will stand? Where she strides worlds...

Poet's Corner

Affirmation for growth

If you give me loveI will give you friendshipif you give me respectI will be your mirrorif you forgive my faultsI will catapult my soul towards youif you treat...

Poet's Corner

When love is an Alien word

When love is an alien word where are you I need you so? Your soul is like white gold beautiful but difficult to hold. Are you in the clear light away from me...

Poet's Corner

Labyrinth of our life

There is kindness here if you can keep it in mind there is sadness, remorse and discourse that signals just how much I love you However I walk in daylight and...


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