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Poetry from Andover’s Poet Laureate and collections of work from other Andover poets.

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Tall tales Set sail Holy grail Is a womb the truth is  way beyond a tomb Longing for room to widen my smile all the while I do it in style A Paper...

Poet's Corner

Crazy to live

Crazy to live In the current trends crazy to watch other people’s lives end mad to be free and crazy to be attached equally crazy to be balanced and matched in...

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I will find your heart

Burning pain the sadness again not my choice my voice lost in a echo My echoing voice  Cries out for you silence stings to fill it with you Your voice echoes...

Poet's Corner


If you opened up your wallet moths would fly out the phrase skinflint comes to mind I try not to be unkind but your looking for a bargain preferably free...

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Is a season of love, A season of peace and of joy, As we remember the birth, Of a special baby boy. It’s time to rejoice, With loved ones far and near...

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When the ghosts of Christmas’s past won’t go, they just laugh at all your efforts for this Christmas time the air freshener scent of pine won’t hide the smell...

Poet's Corner

Rudolph and the Refugee child

A refugee child wondered weary and tired looking for some food, shelter and warmth from a fire but the snow fluttered from the sky was Christmas a lie? Rudolph...

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