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Poetry from Andover’s Poet Laureate and collections of work from other Andover poets.

Poet's Corner

First world problems

My tea is lukewarm my tone of voice forlorn I would have a girl friend but I have sworn I will be free and I am too childish to bear any responsibility. My TV...

Poet's Corner


I begin where you end I end where you begin Mitosis of hearts joined from the start God is a rainbow and the white light we are him and her every shade...

Poet's Corner

What will you do with your day?

All we have is time no reason just rhyme set in stone in time in time itself time to write a best seller to sit on a bookworms shelf time to walk in amongst...

Poet's Corner

We are boys

We are boys When did our yearning to protect and serve and keep people safe, turn into rage and wanting danger? We are no stranger to tragedy Avidly wrestling...

Poet's Corner

The cage

It’s difficult to write, in the cage I would fight who put me in wasn’t clear but if you listen to fear the stranglehold it has makes me realise...

Poet's Corner

Hearts of fire

Your heart of fire can it enflame the soul? We are the universe glowing like a hot sun. We are one in days off racism and hate it’s not too late to...

Poet's Corner

Along came a spider

Along came a spider you tried to hide her so you hid her in the darkest part of your heart tying you in webs you tried to run from her but she caught you...

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