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The Foresters Arms’ Heartwarming Charity Day for Cancer Support

In a heart-warming display of community spirit, local pub, The Foresters Arms, hosted a charity day on a bright Sunday to raise funds for cancer research and support. The event was organized by the pub’s devoted landlady, Anne Watkins, who expressed her gratitude for the longstanding support of their loyal regulars over the years.

For almost two decades, The Foresters Arms has been fortunate enough to give back to the community by supporting various local and worldwide charitable causes. Each year, they carefully select a different charity to support, and last year’s choice was Young Lives v Cancer & Teenage Cancer Trust, in memory of Rosie Rickards, raising over £2000.

This year’s charity day, however, carried an even more profound significance. Diane White, a cherished regular at the pub, received heartbreaking news about her daughter’s battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma for the second time. During her visits to the hospital for her daughter’s treatments, Diane discovered that cancer charities are not government-funded, prompting her to take action and find a way to help.

She reached out to Anne Watkins, and together, they hatched a plan to organize a charity event at The Foresters Arms. Diane’s sheer determination and dedication led her to arrange all the necessary donations herself, and the pub’s management took charge of organizing the event.

The charity day was a resounding success, bringing the community together for a common cause. The talented singer, Jake Ward, selflessly donated his time to perform at the event, setting the stage for an incredible experience. To add excitement to the fundraising efforts, Jake Ward also served as the auctioneer, skillfully auctioning off various items to raise additional funds for the cause.

In just under two hours, the community rallied together, raising a staggering £1447, demonstrating their unwavering support and compassion for those battling cancer. Anne said “To raise £1447 in just under two hours us absolutely amazing. People turned up to help support a charity close to most peoples hearts and I can’t thank my customers enough for their continued support“.

The donations poured in, and the patrons of The Foresters Arms proved that even the smallest contributions, when combined, can make an enormous impact.

The funds raised during the event will be channeled towards cancer charities to support crucial research, provide aid to patients, and extend a helping hand to families going through challenging times. The charity day at The Foresters Arms has become a beacon of hope, symbolizing the strength and resilience of a united community.

In times of hardship, it is often the simple act of coming together that can bring about tremendous change. The Foresters Arms’ charity day serves as a reminder that every community possesses the power to be a force for good and create a meaningful impact in the lives of those affected by cancer.

As the sun set on that memorable Sunday, The Foresters Arms proved that it is more than just a pub – it is a sanctuary where compassion thrives, hope is nurtured, and generosity knows no bounds. Through their benevolent efforts, they have not only brightened the lives of cancer patients and their families but also left an indelible mark on the hearts of all those involved.