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The Foresters’ Race Night Gallops to Success

The Foresters, a true cornerstone of our town, proved their commitment to the community once again last night with a fantastic charity race night. Raising a whopping sum for the Dreams Come True Children’s Charity, the evening was filled with laughter, friendly competition, and the unmistakable buzz of a great night out.

Landlady Anne Watkins is no stranger to championing worthy causes. Throughout her time at The Foresters, she’s consistently organised events to support various charities. Last night’s race night was a shining example of this dedication, with fun and camaraderie taking centre stage as guests enjoyed virtual horse races.

The night’s takings of £460 pushed their overall fundraising total to a staggering £9,710 – a testament to the generosity of the local community and the amazing spirit of The Foresters. This kind of commitment to good causes is what makes pubs like The Foresters so vital. They’re not just places to grab a pint; they’re hubs for social connection, charitable giving, and pure fun.

So let’s raise a glass – or two! – to The Foresters and all the fantastic pubs that serve as the beating heart of our community. Their dedication to making a difference deserves our unwavering support.