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The Lifestyle Card Ltd

The Lifestyle Card is a discount card focusing on enhancing the local community with over 80 discounts available to Lifestyle Card members.

Offering fantastic benefits and cost saving opportunities whilst also supporting businesses and trades in our area. Local residents can save money and be encouraged to use what’s on their doorstep with many opportunities for your hard-earned money to go that bit further.

Having spent just shy of 50 years in Andover I am passionate about wanting the town to thrive and bring back that feeling of how I remember Andover when I was growing up. I hope The Lifestyle Card offers a platform for new and established businesses to excel.

There are six categories to obtain discounts and offers from, Food & Drink, Retail, Trades & Services, Fitness & Leisure, Health & Therapies and Hair & Beauty.

As well as being available to the general public The Lifestyle Card makes a fantastic gift for local businesses to give to their employees.

Why employers & employees will benefit from The Lifestyle Card…

High levels of employee motivation are intrinsically linked to high levels of employee engagement, which is something that organisations are paying much more attention to these days, and with good reason.

The combination of everyone wanting more for less and employers wanting to enhance motivation and performance was the perfect reason to introduce The Lifestyle Card. ING Investment Management recently stated that employee satisfaction was a ‘key driver’ of company performance. Having distributed reward cards to employees and witnessing their reactions I know first-hand exactly what it means to the individual that receives a card which will make their money go further. Recognising that your employees are an asset will make staff feel valued and appreciated and will boost morale within your company. Another great thing about The Lifestyle Card is that everyone will feel that they are being treated in the same way which isn’t always the case with certain incentive products.

What’s equally important are the benefits that this card will give to your company’s profile. They are an ideal way to increase loyalty and satisfaction, build goodwill and improve retention so quite simply it’s a very small price to pay for a great deal of positivity.

The Lifestyle Card – Membership Fees

Choose between 6 months membership for £30 or yearly membership £55.

Can I get a discount for multiple buys?

Yes there will be, we are offering discounts for multiple buys to acknowledge our clients’ loyalty and business. If you are interested please contact us or fill in our order form and we will be in touch. Payments can be made by Bank Transfer, Cash or Direct Debit.

Are you an Associate with The Lifestyle Card and offering a discount, if the answer is yes we can offer you an extra incentive!

In order to show our appreciation, we will give you an extra 5% off any Lifestyle Card purchases for your employees in addition to the multiple buys discount that you may be entitled to.

Visit their website for further details,