The Morning Crew

Love Andover Morning Crew

Join the Andover Radio Morning Crew every weekday morning

Wake up to the best music the morning can offer. Join Alex, Sarah, Carole, David, Kevin & the Weather Girls as they bring you the latest news and information from in and around Andover.

Alex acts as your host for the morning, keeping you entertained with only the best that music can offer.

Sarah will keep you informed as to what’s happening in the Andover areas, whether it be a fun-filled day for the kids to the best of music and theatrical presentations being held at the lights.

Listen out for Carole & David’s history quiz. See if you can work out where they are talking about. Does your knowledge of Andover and area match up to theirs?

Need to get your brain in gear? Try Kev’s Krazee Kwestion. See if you can work out the answer and submit your reply on the Andover Radio Facebook page.

Music, History mystery, brain teasers and all the latest information, only from 95.9FM Andover Radio.


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