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Thieves target tools from vans in Andover again

Since October this year, Hampshire Police have received dozens of reports from tradesmen who have been the victim of theft from their work vehicles usually parked outside their residences overnight in the Andover area.

Andover Police redirected their patrol areas in response to this rise in vehicle crime and saw a drop in tool thefts being reported during November as a result.

Unfortunately, on Thursday night (7th December 2017) another half dozen thefts from work vans occurred in the Saxon Way and Charlton areas of Andover. Police are again asking all tradesmen in Andover not to leave their tools or any valuables in their vans overnight as they are still a prime target for thieves.

A Police spokesperson said: “If you live near somebody who has been a victim of these tool thefts recently, Police would like to ask you to check any CCTV cameras you may have for any signs of suspicious behaviour from person(s) possibly checking out vans in your street.”

If you do believe you are a witness to a possible tool related theft from vehicle, then please call Police on 101 and let Police call handlers know that this relates to the spate of tool thefts currently ongoing in the Andover area.”