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Thruxton Loves Cake

Earlier this week the residents of Thruxton basked in the late summer sun as they enjoyed delicious homemade cakes and tea whilst raising money for the wonderful Macmillan Nurses. The event was hosted at the pop-up café “Thruxton Loves Cake” which was the brainchild of local resident Kate Christie.

Kate said “Thruxton is such a thriving, diverse and social community and like so many communities has been affected by the COVID Pandemic. When restrictions eased last year myself and the other trustees of the Village hall thought it would be a nice idea to try and create a community facility where people could come and enjoy a cup of tea and a chat.

We have residents with young families, residents working from home in need of a tea break and human interaction and residents that are enjoying retirement. I just wanted to provide them with a venue to meet up and socialize and escape the four walls of their house. And so with the help of others we set up the “Thruxton Loves Cake” café every Wednesday and I’m delighted with how successful it has been.

Children can interact together and adults can relax and meet people face to face. Now that restrictions have eased further we open the Café once a week and I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the residents who regularly bake cakes, and give up their time to help run it. This week we wanted to do a special event in support of the incredible Macmillan nurses and I am thrilled to say that we managed to raise a staggering £660.90 – clearly Thruxton really does love cake!”

Local resident Richard Smart said “What Kate and her team have created is incredible and the café is now an established feature of Thruxton Life. They work so hard to provide a facility for all to enjoy and I know how much all of the residents appreciate their efforts. Just having somewhere to go once a week to meet up and socialize has helped so many of the residents whatever their age.

To raise such a staggering amount for Macmillan just shows the level of love and support that the residents have not only for the charity but also for Kate and her team – well done and let them eat cake”.