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Thruxton Remembers – Residents pay respect and raise money for the Royal British Legion

The Thruxton War Memorial underwent a transformation at the weekend as residents paid their respects on Remembrance Sunday.

Kate Christie, the Hall Trustees and local residents adorned the Hall with bunting, flags and wreaths and created a stunning poppy display at the entrance to the Hall. Following the Remembrance Sunday Church Service residents enjoyed a Curry Lunch at the Hall as they paid their respects to the fallen, those that have served and who continue to serve our country. A collection was taken during the lunch which raised £205 for the Royal British Legion.

Chair of the Hall Kate Christie said “Remembrance Sunday is a key date in the Thruxton Diary as we honour our armed services. We have many retired and active army personnel in the village and it is vital that we show our gratitude for all that they are the rest of the Armed forces have done for our country”.

Local resident Rick Smart said “Kate and her team have worked incredibly hard to create a memorable and fitting tribute to our armed services. The display at the front of the hall was incredible and once again Thruxton residents have pulled together, given up their time and money to host a wonderful village event.

Even the fact that the Dishwasher broke did not dampen spirits (unlike the floor) as Kate’s daughter Beth put on the marigolds and spent a few hours at the sink!! A spectacular and fitting tribute and the Village thanks Kate and her team for all their hard work”