WIN: The Secret Sound

Moores CLeaning Andover sponsors of the Secret Sound
What’s the Secret Sound? It’ll drive you bonkers!

Thanks to Moores Cleaning in Andover, starting Monday 9th September, 95.9FM Andover Radio presents its Secret Sound competition.

Can you work it out?

Play the Andover Radio Secret Sound weekday afternoons with Craig Hicks from 1pm.

Just identify the mysterious noise and you could win the contents of the prize pot, which starts at £150!
Have a listen to the sound yourself, and get ready to call Secret Sound HQ on 01264 883001 to play, or enter your details below and we could call you back to play on air.

Don’t forget to make sure you like Andover Radio on Facebook to keep track of the ever growing pot of prizes.

If you want to register your interest to play, please complete the form, below and we could be calling you after 1:00pm any weekday morning to ask your guess.

The competition is open daily on the radio. All wrong answer will be posted below. It’s NOT:

  • A troubled Boris Johnson doing up his flies.
  • Nick at Moores Cleaning Services dropping a one pound coin into a mop bucket.
  • The shutter sound on an SLR camera (says Richard)
  • The lock on a door (says Brian)
  • The sound of a door that’s stuck (says Jim)
  • Ice in a glass (says Tommy)
  • Running your finger down a Venetian blind (says Janice in Scotland!)
  • Running your finger down a comb (Helen in Andover)
  • A squeaky stapler (Pat in Andover).
  • Ice falling into a glass (Ross, Andover)
Andover Radio Secret Sound

While you’re here and in the habit of listening to stuff… have a listen to the Moore’s Cleaning Jingle!

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