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World Book Day Celebrations in Andover

Despite lockdown, children in Andover still enjoyed celebrating world book day this year

Here are some of the local celebrations that have been shared with us;

Andover YMCA

YMCA Nursery staff and children

Staff at the YMCA tell us, “The children have all loved dressing up in character outfits and having their photos taken. In the morning the children shared their books with their key people during group time.”

Finkley Down Farm Nursery

Charlotte the deputy Manager at Finkley Down Farm nursey tells us, “We have been celebrating World Book Day throughout the week with us having a book a day with activities based around this book. For example: On Wednesday the book of the day was “The Tiger who Came for Tea” so we set up a tray with water, tea bags and a china tea set for the children to make their own tea. We also showed the children some pictures of tigers so they could paint their own tigers and had tiger coloured playdough so the children to make their own tigers from this. In the role play area, we used tin cans which we made into ‘tiger food’ so the children could act out the story themselves. 
For world book day we (including the staff and managers) have all dressed up to celebrate”

Endeavour Primary School

Some of the activities that they did to celebrate were ;

  • The Masked Reader – Teachers read an extract from their favourite book with a virtual mask and the children had clues to try to guess what teacher was behind the mask. 
  • Redesigned their favourite book front cover 
  • Advertised their favourite book 
  • Took photos reading in unusual places or positions 
  • Quizzes on books !

Staff at Endeavour school told us, “The children and staff had a great and successful day. “

Here are some of the photos they shared with us of Staff and children enjoying the day , some at school and some at home.

Andover CE Primary School

Lots of different types of activities took place with Andover CE Primary school pupils to celebrate World Book Day this year.

Here are some of their Y4 pupils dressed up

Icknield School

They had many splendid book characters come through their school doors they were joined by the staff who also wanted to dress up.

Icknield School told us, “Throughout the day we saw pirates, Harry Potters, action men, Where ’ s Wallies, princesses and even a Medusa. A special mention to our very own Cruella de Vil who kept us entertained by searching for dogs in school. It was great to see some of our students joining in from home as well! Congratulations everyone — you did World Book Day proud!”

Stockbridge Primary School

Emma Jefferies, headteacher of Stockbridge Primary school told us, “My whole staff team dressed as a Roald Dahl character”

John Hanson Community School

Posted on their Facebook page, “We love World Book Day here at John Hanson, so we are feeling a little down that we can’t celebrate it in our usual way. So, we will be sharing lots of little bits throughout the day from our teachers and students who have been getting involved.”

Winton Community Academy

They asked students and staff to not only ‘ get reading ’ but also to take part in lots of other activities. The English Department delivered lessons which were focused on reading. Year 7 created a poster of themselves titled ‘Me as a Reader’ which allowed them to express ideas about where, what and why they like reading. Year 8 read some dystopian texts, then wrote about imaginary experiences in a dystopian school. Year 9 to 11 read some biographical information about a Nigerian writer, Ken Saro Wiwa, following the theme of ‘Black Lives Matter’. Then they read one of his short stories and used it to think about the issues raised in the text.

In addition, many staff shared videos of themselves reading extracts from their favourite books. Also, staff both in school and at home dressed up as characters from books, and many pupils dressed up at home too.

H Jones Photography

Helen Jones used her photography skills in having fun playing with Photoshop with her child whilst celebrating World Book Day this year. She used this as an opportunity to say, “Well done to all the amazing teachers out there, who have kept children connected even when they’ve been apart. “

The Love Andover Team

Those of us who have children who are part of the Love Andover Team, also enjoyed the day at home celebrating with our own children.

Richard Hobbs our Travel reporter even made his own story book about Dinosaurs with his daughter Willow.

We hope you all enjoyed celebrating World Book Day in Andover this year.